Launchpad recipe

The launchpad build recipes are for build from source automatically to provide Ubuntu packages. They are used to create daily builds of a Deluge git branch.

Note these don’t have the same control as a creating a publishing to PPA.

Main reference:

Deluge Launchpad build recipes

Recipe configuration:

An example for building the develop branch:

# git-build-recipe format 0.4 deb-version{revno}+{git-commit}+{time}
lp:deluge develop
nest-part packaging lp:~calumlind/+git/lp_deluge_deb debian debian develop

There are two parts, first to get the source code branch and then the debian files for building the package.

Testing and building locally

Create a deluge.recipe file with the contents from launchpad and create the build files with git-build-recipe:

git-build-recipe --allow-fallback-to-native deluge.recipe lp_build

Setup pbuilder and build the deluge package:

sudo pbuilder build lp_build/deluge*.dsc

Alternatively to build using local files with pdebuild:

cd lp_build/deluge/deluge

This will allow modifying the debian files to test changes to rules or control.